A few months ago, seventeen-year-old Filip was a healthy boy who studied as an electrician, loved nature and sports from childhood, mostly horseback riding, motocross, and parkour. He jumped somersaults everywhere he could. However, on July 30, 2020, one moment was enough to turn the life of 17-year-old Philip and his family.

Filip’s unfinished somersault on the trampoline was fatal. He fell on his head, briefly lost consciousness, and has occurred movement disorder. He was airlifted to the Motol Hospital in Prague with a damaged third vertebra, a crushed fourth vertebra, and a broken fifth vertebra. A healthy boy became an incapacitated patient, completely dependent on the help of others.

Until November, Filip was hospitalized at the Motol Hospital in the Spinal Department. After his release, he will be transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute in Kladruby, where he will undergo a demanding six-month rehabilitation. The goal is to try to recover Filip, to involve him in everyday life, and to achieve the highest possible self-sufficiency.

After completing the complicated treatment, Filip wants to live in a family house with his grandmother, as he planned before the accident. However, it is necessary to make several construction modifications and purchase suitable equipment.

Our company will support Filip on his long and demanding journey with a package worth CZK 100,000, which will include the reconstruction of the entrance to the house for a wheelchair, the remodeling of the toilet, doors, and bathroom. An already purchased adjustable bed Völker 3082 will also help with effective rehabilitation. We believe that Filip’s difficult and unquestionably long treatment will lead to recovery, within the possibilities of independence from the environment, and a return to normal life.