Since the end of 2018, the polyclinic in Zlin has been owned by the RC EUROPE group. The company’s management decided to gradually reconstruct the building from the 1950s to make it a representative multifunctional medical facility. During full operation, an extensive reconstruction of the ground floor began in 2019, which resulted in a unique transformation of the entrance hall. New business units (BENU, optics, medical aids) were created, the surgery corridor was expanded, and a clear navigation system was installed. The fact that the entire space has been significantly modernized, the user comfort of patients and visitors to the polyclinic has also increased, with up to a thousand visitors passing through it every day. We also receive positive feedback from doctors who work at the polyclinic, and we also note the interest of new doctors. We managed to expand our expertise in neurology, new surgeries were opened by travel medicine and dermatology. In March, the hematology outpatient clinic also started operating in the reconstructed premises. The field, which has not yet been represented at the polyclinic, and is rarely represented privately within the Czech Republic.

The painting of the central staircase is currently being completed, which is another step after the reconstruction of the ground floor, which has to visually improve the appearance of the polyclinic towards a modern medical facility. 

For this year, the reconstruction of the exchanger station is also planned, the rebuilding of the freight elevator into a passenger lift, and work on the facade will probably begin.