Nest in Miercurea Ciuc has been successfully completed and is partially opened
The Nest family will grow with 5 new retail parks this year
Czech “Nests” successfully sold to Realia Group
We have opened another Nest, for the fifth time!
Construction works on new Nest in Oradea began
Yesterday, we’ve started construction of a new retail park in Romanian city Oradea, which will further expand our Nest network. The retail park with an area of more than 6,000 m2 is going to be open in May 2020 and we have already leased over 80%!
Celebrating 5 years in Serbia!
Time really flies so fast – a few days ago in Belgrade we celebrated with a great dinner and dance amazing 5 years since our entry to the Serbian market, where we are rapidly expanding our own network of Nest retail parks.
Czech Miss finalists visited our clinic in Prague
We already know the winners of this year’s Czech beauty contest. We congratulate and wish them many successes in representation at international competitions. Even before the final night, all finalists came to visit one of our properties, RC Clinic in Prague, where these gorgeous photographs were taken.